Once again, nostalgic and collectors people were in luck because their most expected appointment had come to Madrid, the spring antiques fair, which has a new name, Almoneda Antik Passion.

It was a great opportunity to buy antiques at a good price. Old objects are not always expensive. It is still possible to find a piece to renovate or redecorate your house or get an interesting object for your collection.

There were pieces from 1700 to 1970: large and small furniture, decorative objects, old and contemporary painting or sculpture, porcelain, ceramics, ivories, fabrics, jewelry, etc.

One of the most attractive content is furniture. There were a variety of styles and formats. We could find Baroque pieces of the 18th century, exquisitely carved, gilded or polychromed; English style furniture, like a spectacular mahogany table from Victorian period, pieces from Art Deco style of the 20s and 30s, as well as attractive designed furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

There were some many pieces that you could discover in this fair. An ivory christ from the 18th century or a wall clock from the 19th century, Limoges tableware of the early 20th century, couturier models, “Mantón de Manila”, lace, glassware, silverware, posters, postcards, prints, paintings, etc., were some examples.