Hotel Aloft, Madrid – A multifaceted space. This is the title of the magazine promateriales, the article dedicated to Arvo Arquitectura de Juan, our architecture studio in charge of converting a protected office building from the 50s into a multifaceted hotel establishment. The magazine has also interviewed María de Juan, our founding partner.

The first destination of this building was to be a hotel, which became offices due to the economic situation of the 1950s. Now again in a Marriott-branded hotel. High standards of quality and comfort in terms of security, air conditioning and lighting systems.

A perfect place to enjoy great views of the Royal Palace and the Royal Theater.

The main strategy was to accept the conditions of the building and its cataloging and see how they could become elements of the program or unique features of the hotel…

Seventy meters of facade and ground floor of only ten meters did not facilitate access to the building. Designs for new evacuation strategies and routes were necessary; taking into account the hotel’s operations.

Proskene, specialists in the conservation of the Historical Heritage, supervised the restoration materials and techniques. The ventilated limestone façade and ceramic pavement in terraces, solarium and swimming pools are remarkable.

Rockwell Group has used the concept Glitch in the images of the headboards, in the tiling and graphic elements of the interior. It nods to the activity and crossroads that is the Plaza de Callao, where the Hotel Jacometrezo 4 is located. And a lot of wood to warm the industrial aspect that characterizes Aloft.

Mosaicos Solana took care of the terrazzo with which the corridors have been restored.

Aloft Hotel, Madrid – Accessible space

All public areas are accessible via ramps with very gentle slopes, except going up to the pool that requires a stair-climbing chair. The distribution of the furniture respects wide steps and there are Braille messages on all the signs.

Example in efficiency and sustainability

With renewable energy such as solar panels on the roof. JH Internacional Ingenieros has incorporated measures to promote water and energy savings.

You can read the full article at – Hotel Aloft, Madrid. Arvo Arquitectura de Juan or download the article from promateriales magazine.

*Cover image of Promateriales de construcción y arquitectura actual.