We are about to finish the restoration works for a residential building located at Calle Zorrilla in Madrid. The building was listed by the Heritage Department, the heritage protection included the façade, the timber structure protection and some elements like the main staircase. The briefing was to design luxury apartments, but we have also tried to maintain its essence and architecture which should be, in our view, part of the character of the new residences.

To carry out these works, the main contractor has selected professionals from each trade. Our priority was to keep the quality of this building at the structure (timber framework) as well as at the decorative elements, moldings, carpentry and locksmithing.

The original molding at the main staircase and the cornices inside the residences had sculptural elements that have been maintained or replicated as faithfully as possible. The impeccable work of the plasterer has achieved this while our design merged these original elements within the new geometry of the residences.

Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Locksmithing at the staircases handrails and in the protected balconies has been cleaned off, as well as restored, maintaining the original design. Whenever any addition have been required these have a slightly different finish so as to differentiate original from new elements.

Regarding carpentry, the carpenter has manufactured the windows and doors, following the original design but adjusting its thickness to the current regulations to complain energy efficiency.

The two staircases have been restored following the same criteria, incorporating beautiful ventilation grills inspired on the façade ironworks.

These works can only be made by highly qualified craftsmen because they require much dedication on site and the use of tool that have mostly been replaced by industrial manufacturing. It is important to encourage the education on these and other traditional trades to maintain the building historical memory.