It has been a month since we celebrated our Christmas soirée, a small party with all the friends who had been working with us during 2016.

The next day I promised the team I would download the photos that I took with my cell and post these on this blog. Like most years things went crazy right before Christmas and we did not have the time to do it.

Then we went on vacation, we celebrated with our families and friends and we came back two weeks ago with four or six extra pounds and sun burned/snow burned faces.

It seems the right time to wind up the hangover and start to work on our new year’s resolutions including one about this blog: we shall keep it up to date and post photos, articles and thoughts at least on a monthly bases.

My contribution to January, apart from the soirée photos is a recommendation: a book by Lucia Berlin, “Manual for cleaning women”, surely one on the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.

HAPPY 2017!!!!!