arvo arquitectura de Juan

If you are an enthusiastic of interior design and you like following the trendy alternatives, “Casa Decor” must be one of your annual visits. This year is the 25th Anniversary in Madrid, renovating an historical building in Calle Antonio Maura 8, within Jerónimos neighbourhood, just behind “Museo del Prado”. Its exceptional location, architectural characteristics and the well conserved building made this place as the most expensive sqm in the capital in 2015, a very attractive point to any designer.

More than 100 designers, architects and artists have taken part of this edition, creating 67 scenes with their own personality. Main colours are blue tones, combined with smooth sign of green, wall covering and gold-coloured as a common element in the most of the lights.

More or less risky, colourful or classic, but every scene is thought from the balance, and this feeling stays with us every moment. They can like us more or less, but all of them make us feeling comfortable because everything is in harmony. Colourful furniture makes up for the neutral flooring and walls, and viceversa.

It should be pointed the auditorium of Izaskun Chinchilla, where the colour fill the scene, uncertain, with floors that convert into walls, unbelievable furniture, construction tools as decorative elements…an original exercise, with an unmistakable signature of Izaskun where nobody is indifferent to it.