Sol Station. Madrid


From the last 7th of June to the 17th of September, Conde Duque in Madrid host an exhibition of mockups and historical models that reflects the engineering and construction of 33 examples.

Location and lighting on mockup exhibition contribute to a correct display of the building muscle from each project.

Each miniature represents the solution to a problem that someone brought up to a certain historical moment, using occasionally materials and very progressive constructive criterion for their time.

It can be outlined the “Artificio” miniature that Juanelo Turriano created to lift the water from Tajo river where it was crossing Toledo until the Alcázar; the “Transbordador” above Niágara projected by Leonardo Torres Quevedo; or the “Depósito Elevado” number 1 of Canal Isabel II of Madrid. About the previously mentioned mockup, firstly it is projected an illustrative video.

arvo arquitectura de Juan

Left: Transbordador del Niágara.
Right: Depósito elevado número 1 del Canal de Isabel II.

The exposition brings a gratifying feeling produced by visualizing the different solution in a conceptual and material way.

There is no doubt that it is a very recommended visit to everyone who likes how they work and how they have been built. Also it is a good option to people who always try to solve problems in small and big scale. In the end, it is focus on people with curiosity, and most of all, with ingenuity.

Note: All the images can be found in the catalogue of the exhibition “Maquetas y Modelos históricos. Ingeniería y Construcción”. Publish by the Juanelo Turriano Foundation.