Transformation has lately become one of our Client’s demands and expectations. Years ago the buildings transformation was the result of a necessity and therefore it only happened due to a change of use or an adaptation to new and different living or working systems. Now the capacity to change is part of the building program.

Stage design and architecture, two trades that work with and within space are getting closer. In this context, very often buildings are designed as two components: container and content and we wonder whether we are losing something in the process.

Stage design can be repeated by means of subtle modifications to different theaters. Last week “A View from the bridge” was released in Madrid after having been shown in some other cities for months. We have not seen the previous scenes but according to the pictures on line, what we saw is not very different to what was shown in Barcelona or the Canary Islands.

Theater is a fiction were the spectator accepts rules, the stage erases all references to context, time and container while the play is performed. Yet, architectural design does not happen in a limited time, and the division between the building masses and the interiors, which are often commissioned to different professionals sometimes results into failures.

Anyway, so that we can continue to think about this subject our purpose is to attend more theater shows and to keep exploring stage and scenes. Three suggestions for the coming weeks:
La Isla del Tesoro at Conde Duque, El Cartógrafo at Matadero and A View from the Bridge at Teatros del Canal, all three in Madrid.