ArvoarquitecturadeJuan was founded in 2005 and is based in Madrid with the purpose of combining Jesus de Juan vast experience on Spain’s territory with María de Juan international experience on retail and hospitality and design management. Since 2005 the firm has worked on numerous projects such as Masterplan and concept design for leisure and retail centers in UK, Germany and Spain; Masterplan design for Hotel Developers; Planning, Design for bank offices and sport facilities as well as several residential buildings.

The practice is a creative team of Architects and Designers that has built its reputation on listening to client’s expectations and having the capacity to deliver solutions that combine good design with construction and operational performance.

María de Juan - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

María de Juan has worked as an Architect since graduating at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in 1992, and graduating on BMS and Project Management also at the Politecnica of Madrid. She is founder partner of ArvoarquitecturadeJuan and has teached at the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid at the Interior Design Grade.

Between 2011 and 2015 she has been Projects Director at Rockwell Group Europe, she was Design Manager for Mills Corporationin Europe 2001-2004 and she was legal expert for Madrid Region Court on construction during 1997 and 1998.

Jesús de Juan y Alvarez has worked as Doctor Architect since graduating at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in 1964. His practice had three offices in Spain, one in Galicia, one in Andalucia and one in Madrid until 1990 when he rejoined all three offices in Madrid.

His vast experience comprises all building typologies, from hospitality to industrial buildings with more than ten thousand residential units built all over Spain. He is legal expert on construction and architectural Design for the Courts in Spain.

Jesús de Juan y Alvarez - Arvo arquitectura de Juan


Amagoia Ibarrola
Senior Architect

Amagoia Ibarrola - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Pedro García
Senior Architect

Pedro García - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Elena Martínez
Junior Architect BIM

Elena Martínez - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Pablo Leñador
Junior Architect

Pablo Leñador - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Abel de la Fuente
Architect & Graph. Designer

Abel de la Fuente - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Marta Domercq

Marta Domercq - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Gilberto Gil
Office Manager

Gilberto Gil - Arvo arquitectura de Juan

Arvo arquitectura de Juan